3 Things You Should Never Do on Social Media

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The current digital landscape has created an interesting set of challenges for Millennials. On one hand, it’s easier than ever to find information and connect with people all over the world. Social networking sites can deliver hours of entertainment, discussion, and interactions.


But with the good comes the bad. There are people who abuse social media and end up hurting themselves in the process. You shouldn’t be one of those people so follow these 3 rules of social media:


1. Avoid oversharing.

It’s easy to get comfortable sharing personal information since our followers online are usually family members and friends. Still, there is a such thing as too much sharing. Strangers can access your information and form opinions about you without ever personally knowing you. Avoid sharing too much information.


2. Never say anything you wouldn’t say in person.

The internet makes it easy to feel anonymous and powerful. However, it can also create a lot of drama. Social media is powered by people so remember that before you criticize someone, repeat gossip you heard, or say something rude. Treat people respectfully the way you would offline.


3. Remember that you’re being watched.

Even when you think no one is paying attention, you’re being watched. Take the time to think about what you’re saying before hitting “send” on your posts. You don’t want to put information online that could prevent you from getting your next job or forming a great connection.


Run your social media activities through personal and professional filters. The most important thing to remember is that digital content lives forever. Use your virtual power wisely.