How to Balance Your Job and Your Dream

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Many people who work a traditional job have a secret dream that they harbor. Sometimes it’s a childhood dream that was never realized and other times, it’s a dream that simply leverages their natural talents and preferences more accurately. Regardless of where the dream began, you can start working toward your dream today.


Mindset expert Earl Nightengale described success as “the progressive realization of a worthy ideal.” That means that you’re a success if you’ve set a goal for yourself and you’re actively working towards it. When balancing your job and your dream, it’s important to think strategically. Ask yourself the following questions:


-How can my current job make me more effective in fulfilling my dream?

-What can I learn in my current job that will help me succeed when I achieve my dream?

-Who can I network with now that will position me to succeed at my dream?

-What are the key steps I need to take now to achieve my dream?


A dream without the appropriate action is just a wish. Even if you’re working full time and have other responsibilities, you can take small, daily actions toward achieving your goals. Here’s a blueprint for achieving your dream, even if you’ve got a full time job:

1. Refine your vision. Think carefully about what you want to have and why. Develop a clear picture of what you’re working toward in your mind’s eye.


2. Create a list of goals. Based on your vision, build a set of goals to work toward. Create short term and long term goals.


3.  Plan your action steps. Break out the actions you need to take to achieve your goals in yearly, monthly, and weekly tasks. Check your action plan daily to continue moving forward.


4. Stay open and optimistic. You never know how your dream may unfold so keep a great attitude, work hard, and trust that your patience and vision will pay off.


Get started today on making your dream a reality!