The American Dream Revised was inspired by the many young people who have big dreams. As we examined the trends in the new economy, we realized that Generation Y needed more than articles and ideas – they needed accessible, easy-to-understand content that would allow them to take their ideas from infancy to completion. The result was The American Dream Revised, a docuseries and social action campaign designed to empower the next generation of leaders to change the world.



LISA NICOLE BELL – Creator/Executive Producer

Social entrepreneur, on air personality and digital media maven Lisa Nicole Bell creatively blends art and commerce to achieve her mission of moving the social and economic progress agendas forward. Working at the intersection of entertainment, technology, and social change, Lisa is the founder and CEO of Inspired Life Media Group where she and her team conceive, develop, produce, and manage a slate of socially relevant digital destinations and multimedia properties.  With a passionate interest in leveraging digital media as a platform for social progress, she is the mastermind behind digital brands such as FromHerPen.com and ArtCommerceLife.com.


BRIDGETTE WRIGHT – Executive Producer

Bridgette is founder and CEO of S6xth House Entertainment, a film production company located in Los Angeles that specializes in creating thought provoking, highly original films that not only entertain but inspire. She co-produced the domestically and internationally award winning short film CHANGE. CHANGE was distributed by the Canadian Filmmakers Distribution Center and is used as a teaching tool to encourage tolerance and discourage bullying in 365 schools in Los Angeles through its partnership with Frameline.org. Bridgette studied screenwriting and film production at UCLA and is currently writing and developing her own projects.


MONIQUE O. JOHNSON – Marketing Director

The short version: Monique is an entrepreneur. A multipotentialite. And always curious.

Monique is absolutely in love with creating videos in order to market one’s business along with creating unique marketing strategies that can be used in connection with social media. She recently launched her own business, MoniqueJohnson.com, where she teaches business owners on how to build a sexy business through online video. This includes what she calls a Virtual Handshake, creating video biz cards, Video Ezines and Video Sales Funnels.  She worked on Wall Street for 4 years and absolutely hated it!  Now, she is a tech and digital media geek on STEROIDS!


Director of Photography – Cliff Lee

Editor – Kenny Gilbreath

Production Assistant – Alexandra Ueseche

Strategic Advisor – Nelson Davis