Entrepreneurs are always looking for the most efficient tools at a very low price (hoping they are mostly free!) to help run their operations and business systems without a headache. We decided to do all of the hard work for ya and  put together a comprehensive list of resources that will be updated on a regular basis to help you get started. You’re Welcome!


Wave Accounting 

Wave is 100% free without that pesky trial where they try to get ya! It strives to be a replacement of software such as Quickbooks and have some pretty nifty features! There’s even payroll  double entry accounting underneath the hood! Sweet!


Freshbooks is a Cloud Accounting software that is quite popular with a 30 day Free trial but it does offer a basic free account where you can send invoices that are sent out automatically, create reports, track your expenses and collect payments online via credit card, Paypal or eCheck.


Expense reports done easy and on the go! The best feature is the ability to scan in your receipts using your cell phone. Oh we didn’t forget, it’s FREE!

Personal Finance


Keeping track of your personal finances are just as important as the accounting of your business. This is the most popular and user-friendly tool to help you do just that. One of the best features is the goal-tracking tool where you get to choose your goals and Mint provides advice on how to you can achieve them. Yes, it’s Free!



Need a company set up? LegalZoom is fast and inexpensive.



Provides the opportunity to sound like a “Fortune 500 Company” over the phone through their virtual phone system. You can set up multiple extensions, adjust voicemail greetings based on time of day, have your voicemail transcribed and sent to you, and more. There are no long term contracts and and prices start at just $9.95 a month.

Meeting Burner

A webinar and online meeting platform where you can start off with intermediate free account and upgrade to other levels for a premium monthly price. You can record your meetings and upload them directly to YouTube and share on social media in one click, or simply download them as an MP4 movie or MP3 audio file. Pretty Cool!


Hopefully you have heard about Skype by now, but if not, you have definitely been missing out! It’s an online  tool that allows you to communicate with anyone, worldwide, for free. Just add a decent internet connection and a headset, and you’re set to go! It also includes  video conferencing, screen sharing, groups calls and chat, which is super helpful when you need to get things done. There are additional apps that have been created specifically to record calls as well that you can look into.



This is an amazing resource site for finding contractor talent from around the globe. It also allows you to track what your VA is doing for you.


For businesses looking to staff-up a team on an hourly or project basis, Elance offers instant access to qualified professionals who work online and provides the tools to hire, view work as it progresses and pay for results.

99Designs is the premier marketplace for crowdsourced graphic design and the place to go when you need a professional logo.


Used for transcribing audio files (podcast) and videos into text. Very affordable and super popular.